YouTube Music adds feature to switch between audio and video


YouTube’s latest improvement to its YouTube Music app focuses on the boundary between audio and video.

Since launch, people have been able to choose to listen to audio-only versions of songs in YouTube Music, or watch their music videos. What’s new this week is the ability to flick between those two modes while listening/watching. “No pauses, no interruptions, just a simple transition that keeps the music flowing,” as the company’s blog post put it.

YouTube says it has done the necessary ‘time-matching’ of videos and audio tracks for more than 5m tracks so far. “When you flip from video to song, say goodbye to the other sounds that go with the music video — like those long introductions — and enjoy the song as it was intended,” added the post.

Meanwhile, in separate YouTube Music news, singer-songwriter Freya Ridings has been named as YouTube Music’s second ‘Artist on the Rise’, following Mabel earlier this year. Her channel already has just over 48m views and 146,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Stuart Dredge

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