Music Ally first wrote about Mubert in February: it was one of the latest clutch of startups working on technology to create generative/adaptive music using AI. It already has a consumer app that people can use to generate a stream of AI music, which over time promises to get tuned to their preferences. Mubert is also exploring another line of business, however: B2B background music for shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, shops, lifts and other public spaces.

The company has put out a press release this week touting the benefits of its technology over traditional licensing for these purposes. “The service broadcasts copyright-free music for commercial use where a business no longer has to pay royalties and sign contracts with copyright holders,” it claims – collecting societies will be very keen to see how this plays out, obviously.

“A company buys a subscription, chooses mood or activity, plays right away or schedules playback for specific time… The cost of commercial licence starts from $1.99 per unit”.

Mubert also says that it has more than 65,000 gamers testing its tech for providing background music for their live streams on the Omlet Arcade service; and that it recently worked with Adidas on creating a “secret channel” of music within one of its advertising campaigns.

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