Amazon launched its ad-supported music-streaming tier in April, initially in the US, but details of its plans for that advertising haven’t been talked about much. Now Advertising Age has bagged a copy of Amazon’s pitch deck to brands, and says that the likes of Colgate, L’Oréal and Lululemon are among those invited to test ‘audio ads’ within Amazon’s music service.

“Amazon audio ads are interactive in a way Spotify and Pandora can’t match, according to advertisers. Listeners can speak to the ads and tell Alexa to add products to shopping carts and other functions,” it reported. Note, Pandora *has* announced plans to test interactive voice ads, while Spotify is already testing them – albeit both lacking the shopping features referred to by AdAge for Amazon’s tests.

The pitch deck is worth perusing in full: brands were promised more than 1m “guaranteed audio impressions (untargeted)” as well as analytics on impressions and audio completion rate. Brands were invited to submit 15 or 30-second ads for use in the test (“30 seconds preferred”) with accompanying images to be shown if the ads are played on Alexa-enabled devices with screens. AdAge says the tests are expected to run until the end of this year, ahead of a full launch early in 2020 if all goes well.

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