Apple Music makes DJ Khaled its first ‘artist in residence’


Apple Music’s latest appointment is an interesting one: DJ Khaled will be the service’s first ‘artist in residence’. As much as we’d like to think this just involves clocking in every day to jump about behind Oliver Schusser and Zane Lowe shouting “DJ KHALED!” when they’re trying to get work done, it seems there’s more to the role.

“This means imma taking over the biggest playlists on the platform every month! Also the goal is to break new artists in the process. All record labels and artists, hit me up,” wrote DJ Khaled in an Instagram post announcing the news.

One of his first bits of work for Apple Music is a playlist called Office DJ Khaled, aimed at office-workers with a collection of tracks “specifically designed to carry everyone from opening bell through end-of-day air horn”. Only six of the 30 tracks are by DJ Khaled himself…

Written by: Stuart Dredge