Feist is the latest artist to launch her own podcast


Canadian artist Leslie Feist (or rather: Feist) is the latest musician to launch her own podcast. It’s called ‘Feist’s Pleasure Studies’, and is a partnership with media company Talkhouse and women’s podcast network Earios.

The show is described as a “spiritual companion” to Feist’s 2017 album ‘Pleasure’. Here’s the pitch: “Indie icon, Feist, knows a thing or two about love, loss, and everything in between. Through in-depth interviews with pro athletes, new mothers, artists, and polyamorous pornography performers, she explores big themes from the tracks of her most recent album: self-reinvention and creativity, the power of the natural world, youth, old age, wisdom, and the passing of time.” So, like some of the most interesting podcasts from other artists, this *isn’t* just a promotional show about Feist’s music, but rather a podcast exploring topics and people that she’s interested in. That gives it a shot at finding an audience beyond her core fanbase. Four episodes have launched so far, since the podcast debuted in June.

Stuart Dredge

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