Gojë Music distributor wants to help African artists go global


There’s a lot of excitement in 2019 around the digital-music ecosystem that’s being built in Africa, both in terms of streaming services for people to listen there, and the business infrastructure required to help African artists make their music available and build audiences globally. One new company in the second category is Gojë Music, a distributor based in Lagos, Nigeria that’s very much about the global view.

“Sell your music on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon Music and +150 other stores worldwide,” being its invitation to artists “from any part of Africa”.

The company’s services will be familiar from distributors in other parts of the world: besides distribution, it also offers playlist pitching; YouTube monetisation and Vevo channel-management; and promotional tools – as well as music production support. The company is offering annual pricing plans: 19,000 Naira (around $53) a year for its ‘Artiste+’ plan, although there’s a 10,000 Naira ($28) option that doesn’t include album/EP uploads.

Stuart Dredge

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