Augmented-reality startup Magic Leap started shipping its Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR headset in August 2018, and music has been part of it from the start, thanks to the Tónandi music-manipulation app that the company developed with Sigur Rós.

Now Magic Leap is keen for other kinds of music experiences to be available for its hardware, and in the latest version of its software, there’s a feature called Overture that it hopes will spark that. It’s using Magic Leap’s Lumin OS’ ‘Background Music Service’ (BMS) capability to play music even when an app is in the background.

“Once launched with BMS, music, audiobooks, podcasts, or other streaming media continues to play as you switch between apps,” it explained. “You can launch an app to queue up some music, then put it in the background… Music is essential to the human condition and incorporating music into spatial computing promises to add new dimensions to our users’ experiences.” So, music-streaming services could create and launch apps for Magic Leap now, although there may well be other possibilities for developers willing to take a punt on what’s still a new and risky platform.

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