Twitter revenues and daily users are both up year-on-year


It’s clearly the month for better-than-expected financial results for social apps previously thought to be on the slide. First we had Snapchat’s impressive figures for the second quarter of 2019, revealing that it now has 203 million daily active users. Now it’s Twitter revealing that its ‘monetisable daily active users’ (mDAUs) grew by 14% year-on-year to 139 million in Q2.

Meanwhile, the company’s revenues were also up, by 18% year-on-year, to $841m. It’s the user growth that pleased investors though: Twitter added five million mDAUs last quarter, although the way the company defines those users – it’s people who see ads on Twitter – makes direct comparisons to (for example) Snapchat harder. In some people’s view, that’s deliberate: Twitter would prefer not to be compared to services who have more daily users. Meanwhile, the company has stopped revealing any figures for monthly active users.

Stuart Dredge

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