FAAM·ai is so new, it doesn’t have a website up and running yet: just a profile on investment site AngelList. That got Music Ally’s attention though.

“FAAM·ai partners with the brightest artists who turn disruptive artificial intelligence into world-changing film, architecture, art and music,” explains its product description. “The firm helps pioneering artists and invests in all stages from seed and incubation to growth.”

Intriguing, if not exactly much detailed information to go on. However, the identify of the company’s founder is also notable. Steef van Winkel has spent the last 12 years working in Google’s advertising business, and from 2014 he’s been the global product leads for Google Ads. Meanwhile, his LinkedIn profile reveals he recently added a project working as product manager on the Android Audio Framework team focusing on wireless audio. Now van Winkel is, it seems, focusing separately on an initiative to work with artists (in various disciplines) who want to experiment with artificial intelligence. One to watch, for sure.

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