Podcasting app Castbox adds live-streaming feature with tips


Castbox is one of the independent podcasting apps that people can use to find, follow and listen to shows on their smartphones and smart speakers. Now it’s launching an interesting new feature for podcasters: the ability to stream live, and solicit donations from their listeners.

The feature is called Livecast, and will help podcasters to create private or public channels to broadcast audio live, with up to eight speakers and an unlimited number of listeners. Messaging features are also included.

“The feature enables one or multiple hosts to drive the session and allows listeners to call in to ask questions, share their opinions and stories, and provide live feedback,” explained Castbox in its announcement. “Hosts can auto-record their Livecast shows and upload them as standalone podcast episodes to further extend the value of the content. Livecast also provides detailed metrics, including listenership, donations, and engagement, so hosts can improve their future Livecasts.”

Oh yes, donations: the new feature will use a Twitch-style system for listeners to buy and send ‘emoji-like virtual gifts’ to podcasters as they stream, which can then be cashed out via PayPal by the shows as a new income stream. Perhaps something to think about for companies like Spotify, as it plots its next podcast moves.

Stuart Dredge

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