If we know anything about the dynamics of music-streaming in 2019, it’s that quiet periods aren’t really an option: like sharks, artists have to constantly be in motion in terms of activity and releases. But those don’t necessarily have to be *new* releases, especially for artists with a prolific history of mixtapes and impromptu track-drops on platforms like SoundCloud. Drake, for example, whose latest delve into his own back catalogue has resulted in a 17-song compilation called ‘Care Package’.

“Some of our most important moments together available in one place,” as Drake described it on Instagram yesterday, as he revealed the album for the first time.

The ability to surprise-drop a compilation of old tracks on streaming services is restricted to a certain number of artists only, but there’s no doubt it can work well for Drake: it’ll quite possibly push him up from his current position as (only!) the 12th most popular artist on Spotify, with 44.7 million monthly listeners.

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