One of the most interesting things about music-streaming’s impact in India is whether it will fuel an even-bigger surge in the popularity of non-film music – with tracks from movies having dominated India’s music scene to this point.

Sony Music has been exploring the potential for non-film music already, but now it’s making a new move: a joint-venture with Indian management company Kwan called Big Bang Music. Owned 50-50 between the two parent companies, it’ll develop “a roster of stars to cater to the fast-growing pop culture Market and serve the growing need from digital content platforms, brands and live experiences for new age celebrities and fans who are digital natives” according to its announcement. That means 360-degree deals with those artists that include live and brand-partnership income. “We aim to give non-film music and artists a strong platform,” added Kwan CEO Vijay Subramaniam.

Big Bang will be led by Gaurav Wadhwa, whose past roles include content, brand and digital marketing for PepsiCo, as well as being VP and founding head of original content, entertainment and sports at Indian music-streaming service Saavn.

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