Stats revealed for the TikTok campaign for UMG’s ‘Money Dance’


There’s a healthy debate about the extent to which labels can make a track ‘go viral’ on TikTok, versus simply piling in to capitalise on the effect when this happens organically.

Agency The Influencer Marketing Factory has published an interesting case study that falls in to the former category, however. It was hired by Universal Music to promote a track called ‘Money Dance’ by Danish rapper K-Phax. “We selected 5 TikTokers with a cumulative reach of 20M users. The total number of earned content produced for this activity has been of 1000+ videos, 1.2M+ views for the hashtag #moneydancechallenge and with a reach of the song of 7M views,” is how the agency summarised the performance of its campaign. There are more stats in its case study, which you can read here.

Written by: Stuart Dredge