Primephonic-commissioned study explores streaming attitudes


Classical music-streaming service Primephonic has commissioned a survey of nearly 1,300 American adults to find out what they think about streaming. No surprises for guessing that some of the results back up the company’s own business model: for example, 9% of respondents “would pay for a streaming service specifically dedicated to their favourite genre, suggesting that the niche genre streaming market could be a $1B+ market”.

But there are some useful nuggets on general streaming issues too: 57% of streaming subscribers who were surveyed did NOT say streaming services are doing a good job at ‘introducing them to music they haven’t heard before’ for example.

Meanwhile, of the respondents who said they’re willing to pay for a streaming subscription, 51% said they’d prefer to pay less than $10 a month, although 34% said they’d pay between $10 and $15.

Stuart Dredge

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