Sony’s Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) in Paris was responsible for one of the first high-profile projects in the modern wave of AI-generated music – Flow Machines, which in 2016 was responsible for the Beatles-esque ‘Daddy’s Car’ and the Great American Songbook-influenced ‘Mr Shadow’.

The following year, Spotify hired the leader of the Flow Machines team, François Pachet, to head up its own ‘creator technology research lab’. So what has Sony CSL been up to since in the field of AI music? This week we got a glimpse: a project focusing on “High-Level Control of Drum Track Generation Using Learned Patterns of Rhythmic Interaction”. AI-generated kick-drum tracks, in other words.

The samples and some technical info is here. VentureBeat reports that the researchers used a data-set based on 665 pop, rock, and electronic songs.

We’ll await practical applications for the technology within the music-making world, although we’d warn Sony CSL’s AI to be cautious if it gets an invitation to fill in for Spinal Tap any time soon…

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