Gismart tackles drums and DJing in latest ‘music edutainment’ apps


Gismart is one of the companies exploring the potential of music-creation apps, claiming more than 400m downloads so far for apps like Beat Maker Go, Hello Piano and Guitar Play. Its latest two apps launched this week.

Go Drums promises to teach people the rudiments of drumming through a collection of mini-games and educational lessons, while DJ It! is a DJing app that also aims to teach people how to mix, scratch and loop properly – so rather than just DJing, they’re taught how to do it.

As with Gismart’s other key apps, there’s a freemium model at work here: people are encouraged to sign up to a $9.99-a-week subscription (or pay $79.99 for an annual sub) to unlock all the features and lessons in Go Drums, while the premium mode for DJ It! costs $7.99 a week. Interesting times, when an app to learn drums costs four-to-five times a month more than a music-streaming subscription…

Stuart Dredge

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