While She Sleeps launch t-shirt based on Spotify royalties


British rock band While She Sleeps aren’t just a dab hand at this metalcore business: they also have a new sideline as open-source merchandise activists. The band have created a new t-shirt design displaying this message: “One t-shirt is the equivalent to 5000 streams on Spotify. 76% of all music in 2019 is streamed and not bought physically or digitally. Band merchandise is the most direct way of supporting an artist.” What’s more, the band have made the design ‘free-to-use’ for other artists, in the hopes of spreading this message further than their own fanbase.

This isn’t an anti-streaming campaign, as such. “There’s nothing negative about the latter – if anything it’s been an incredible thing for our industry & opened the doors for so many artists that probably wouldn’t have ever had a look in,” wrote the band, in an explanatory letter posted to Twitter. “But that doesn’t mean things haven’t got to change for those artists to survive… if bands and artists are to survive and win the battle of art vs money, we need to find new income to keep afloat… This t-shirt isn’t just for our band, it’s for all bands & we want it to become a staple in the positive change needed in the music industry.”

The t-shirt is on sale from the band’s website (although it’s not yet listed on their Spotify-profile merch shelf), while the print file is available for other artists to download here.

Written by: Stuart Dredge