Apple Music brings its artist analytics out of beta


We’ve heard regular praise for Apple Music’s analytics tools since they launched in 2018 as a beta version. Now the dashboard is coming out of beta and is open to all artists.

Also new: there’s an iPhone app for the service alongside its website, matching the strategy adopted by Spotify for its own analytics. That rivalry is the lens through which many of yesterday’s reports on Apple’s launch viewed the news, unsurprisingly.

Apple Music for Artists will show artists their streams alongside sales on iTunes; will dig into songs, albums, playlists, location and fan demographics; and will show which playlists are driving streams of their music.

There’s also – and this is one area where Apple does have the jump on Spotify – an integration with Apple subsidiary Shazam, so that artists can see their data from that app alongside their streams and sales. Music video views and other stats will also be available within the dashboard.

Apple has also clearly been taking a leaf out of Kobalt/AWAL’s book when it comes to its system of notifications: artists will get alerts comparing first-week plays of new releases with older releases; milestones like 1m plays; sudden spikes in streams in different parts of the world; and (we’re enjoying the wording here from Apple) “seminal moments like being added to an Apple Music playlist”.

The launch is welcome though: if Spotify and Apple are competing fiercely with their back-end analytics tools as well as their consumer-facing features, it’s good news for artists.

Stuart Dredge

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