Spotify may suck up much of the media attention around music streaming’s intersection with podcasts, but the company’s rivals are all making their own moves too. Witness two deals announced last week that involve Deezer, which will significantly beef up that service’s catalogue of spoken-word shows. The first is with Libsyn, a company that distributes more than 62k active podcasts.

In its press release for the deal, Libsyn suggested that Deezer’s existing catalogue of shows is 28k strong, so it would be a big expansion. Libsyn’s network of shows already reaches 111 million monthly unique listeners across other platforms.

The second deal was with podcast-hosting company Blubrry, whose CEO Todd Cochrane claims that “we touch in excess of 75,000 shows and have 150 million downloads a month across all of our customers. So, we could bring 75,000 shows to Deezer”.

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