The US has a brand new collecting society called AllTrack


New US collecting society AllTrack has opened up its ‘digital creator platform’ so that songwriters and publishers can sign up to be represented by the organisation. It will be collecting public-performance royalties in more than 120 countries, and is targeting independent musicians in particular.

“Digital-era creators have an appetite and need for new and impactful tools and services. Various industry solutions have been developed to enable independent creators to flourish in terms of marketing, access to fans, distribution and certain forms of rights management. Now independent creators also have a forward-thinking, technology-oriented global PRO built specifically to represent their best interests,” is how CEO Hayden Bower pitched it in the company’s launch announcement. He’s a former board member at existing collecting-society SESAC, and has hired a team drawn from that organisation, Rumblefish, TuneCore, Songs Music and Bicycle to launch AllTrack.

Written by: Stuart Dredge