In the recent lobbying around the European Union’s new copyright directive and its Article 13, the music industry and YouTubers were usually on opposite sides of the argument. YouTube actively encouraged its creators to protest against some of the planned changes, and a number took up cudgels in its defence.

So here’s an interesting thing in the UK: the latest anti-piracy campaign from the Creative Content UK (CCUK) initiative actually features a pair of influencers from the YouTuber world, Caspar Lee and Snoochie Shy. The pair star in a video being published through the CCUK’s ‘Get It Right from a Genuine Site’ YouTube channel, with Lee being interviewed by Shy about his latest purchases (including an actual album) as well as his experience of piracy, with 500k downloads in a month for his film ‘Laid in America’.

CCUK will track how the video does, and hopes to commission more “as part of a mini-series that will continue to share the stories and passions of high profile influencers and creators around their love of content”. At least those influencers will have the reach to give this content some welly: the Get It Right YouTube channel has 875 subscribers at the time of writing, compared to 7.3 million for Lee. It’s probably best not to dwell too long on the fact that he was one of the creators protesting against Article 13 in September last year, mind…

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