You may wonder whether the world needs a digital spin on cassettes, since the old analogue variety seem to be selling pretty well in 2019. Still, US startup Mixd Media is having a go.

The company’s profile on investment site AngelList outlines its plans for “the cassette tape re-imagined in true digital format… a Bluetooth, powered digital cassette in the exact scale and form of the original tapes… it looks and feels just like the old tapes yet inside it’s completely different – not tape, no tape head, no cassette player”.

The company plans to create these cassettes in strictly-limited editions for partners, including artists. It’s also going to launch a ‘Get·Mixd’ community for “creating, sharing, liking and buying 90-minutes “mixtapes” of and from your favourite artists”.

The Los Angeles company has raised $48k of seed funding so far, according to its profile.

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