Spotify appears to be testing ‘stories’ for its playlists


Independent researcher Jane Manchun Wong has an excellent job: digging around in the code of smartphone apps to root out as-yet-unannounced new features. Her latest blog post is the result of a furtle within Spotify’s Android app.

“Spotify is working on bringing Stories to Playlists, providing artists a way to connect with listeners through storytelling,” wrote Wong. One example she found was a Q&A with artist Sigrid, accompanying her own ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’ playlist. “Users could open the Playlist Story by tapping the profile picture in the middle top of the playlist page. It looks like the equivalent Story features on other social media platforms. A snippet of music is played after each Q&A,” wrote Wong.

As ever, this appears to be a test with no guarantee that it will graduate to being a full feature. It would make a lot of sense if it did, however: it would sit neatly alongside existing features, from the videos produced for Spotify’s big programmed playlists, to artists’ vertical ’Canvas’ clips that accompany songs, and the ‘Storyline’ feature uncovered (also as a test) in May. We’re half wondering whether what Wong has discovered now is simply Storyline again, but all will become clear in due course.

Stuart Dredge

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