Tidal is the latest music-streaming service to hop onto the ‘stories’ social-media bandwagon. Its mobile app can now share music (tracks, albums, artists and playlists) to Instagram and Facebook stories, while videos can also be shared to Instagram stories.

The video aspect is what’s new, compared to similar integrations from rivals: Tidal users will be able to share 15-second clips of videos in their Instagram stories, although only a still image to Facebook.

Tidal now has more than 250k music videos available on its service, plus a ‘New Video Arrivals’ playlist to show off the latest ones, which is just now rolling out to subscribers.

But here’s something else Tidal is doing that rivals aren’t: suing Norway! And that’s not even an exaggeration: Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv reports that Tidal has notified the country’s government of plans to file suit against the Norwegian state, in relation to the investigation by its Økokrim crime unit into allegations of streaming fraud. “Tidal is committed to supporting its shareholders, customers and employees – and expects the Norwegian state to protect their rights,” said attorney Alex Spiro, who is representing Tidal in the case.

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