Pandora adds new music submission tool for independent artists


Spotify’s attempt (since abandoned) to allow artists to upload their music directly to its platform without a distributor caused a stir, but some other streaming services have been offering a similar feature for a long time without controversy. Pandora, for example, whose existing ‘Independent Artist Submissions’ tool has been used by more than 44,000 artists so far. Now the company has launched a brand new version, which now sits within its wider Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) toolset for artists.

“The tool makes it easier for Independent artists to grow their audience with Pandora – allowing more submissions to be made while also reducing wait times,” promised the company yesterday.

We said ‘similar feature’ to Spotify for a reason: Pandora made it clear that distributors are still required. “To ensure that your music is eligible for all four tiers of Pandora’s service, we require that your music has been distributed to Pandora via a digital aggregator before using the tool,” it noted.

Stuart Dredge

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