Audiomack gets its first major licensing deal – with WMG


US-based streaming service Audiomack has spent much of its life since launch (in 2012) flying under the industry’s radar, starting as a mixtape-hosting site before becoming more of a SoundCloud-style direct-artist-uploads play.

Eminem’s decision to debut a new diss-track on it last year made headlines, as did the company’s announcement in January that it had grown from 400,000 daily active users at the start of 2018 to 1.5 million a year later. Eight months on, and Audiomack has its first licensing deal with a major label, in the form of Warner Music Group. “The two will work together on content concepts and explore ways to break emerging artists, connecting avid music fans and tastemakers with rising talent before they hit the mainstream,” announced WMG yesterday. So it’s very much focused on artists at the emerging end of the label’s rosters.

There’s also a new (we think) figure in the press release: Audiomack now has eight million monthly users, according to its CEO Dave Macli. The service remains free and ad-supported at its basic level, although it also offers a $4.99 monthly subscription, and a SoundCloud-style ‘Audiomack Monetization Platform’ (AMP) which pays royalties out to artists.

Written by: Stuart Dredge