We’re all used to the weekly cadence of programmed playlists on music-streaming services, although Spotify’s ‘Daily Mix’ suite was an early experiment in harnessing algorithms to up the frequency. Now Apple Music is also trying a new daily playlist, albeit while emphasising that it’s humans handling the curation.

New Music Daily’ will carry more than 60 tracks of newly-released music, with the promise of an update every day of the week. “The cadence of music delivery has changed and now with streaming, artists can drop new tracks for fans whenever they feel like it – and they do!” is how Apple put it in the press release – a reminder that the ‘Global Release Day’ initiative that was such a big deal in 2015 has frayed at the edges over time, as artists realised that Friday releases were an option, not a necessity.

Apple Music is also putting an extra bit of work into its new playlist: the cover artwork for ‘New Music Daily’ will change every day, with a different artist each time as its cover star. Taylor Swift got the nod on Friday, for example, while at the time of writing on Tuesday it’s Miranda Lambert.

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