Distributor DistroKid adds TikTok to its list of platforms


We’ve written a lot about how artists and labels are using TikTok for marketing purposes, as well as how tracks can go viral on the social app with no input from their creators or rightsholders whatsover.

We haven’t written quite so much about the mechanics of putting the music itself onto TikTok. It’s clearly on some distributors’ radar though. DistroKid, for example, which has just added TikTok to its list of supported platforms.

“Independent artists can now use DistroKid to get their music into TikTok,” wrote CEO Philip Kaplan in a blog post.

It’s a case of ticking a checkbox for new or old albums alike distributed through DistroKid, with Kaplan claiming that “Artists have been asking us to add TikTok on a daily basis. Done!” We strongly suspect that such a feature will be part of every distributor’s options in the near future, although some may choose to wait until the app’s music-licensing situation is a little clearer.

Stuart Dredge

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