Toro y Moi and Endel launch AI-infused soundscapes project


Music Ally has always argued that one of the most interesting things about AI-generated music is when humans are involved – and, indeed, for many famous ‘AI-made’ songs, there have been some non-algorithmic entities (people!) involved in shaping the final tracks.

There’s also marketing potential in artists co-creating music with AI. For example, a collaboration between startup Endel and artist Toro y Moi, in the service of bottled-water brand Glaceau Smartwater– which is part of the Coca-Cola empire.

The project saw Toro y Moi using Endel to create four tracks called ‘Flow’, ‘Move’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Connect’, each corresponding to one of the Smartwater products.

The tracks, which include featured artists Madeline Kenney, Nosaj Thing, Washed Out and Empress Of, have been released on streaming services as an EP called ‘Smartbeats’ – for example on Spotify and Apple Music. However, they’re also available through Endel’s website and app as ‘functional soundscapes… designed to enhance your holistic wellness through the fusion of music, technology, and hydration’ (eye-roll emoji goes here) with the idea being that your location, weather and other inputs can be used to affect the sound.

Written by: Stuart Dredge