Startup Jamiphy’s website is currently deliberately enigmatic: simply showing a logo and a screenshot of a mobile app with a musician playing guitar, and a string of emojis that look like feedback from people watching a video livestream.

The company’s profile on investment site AngelList fleshes that out a bit though: Jamiphy is based in San Francisco, and is billing itself as ‘TikTok for musicians’. Which means? “Jamiphy allows you to create short musical videos with others, and with AI musicians using any instrument or style. It’s a mobile platform built from the ground up for musicians to create, share and collaborate on bite-size musical video content”. The collaboration with AI musicians is what got our attention.

Founder Owen Carey has been working at AI-powered social-music app Humtap as an iOS and machine-learning developer, so he should know his onions when it comes to AI music.

As ever with startups we spot this early, time will tell if Jamiphy can deliver on its ambitions technically (and then, whether the results are appealing enough to attract lots of musicians and viewers to its platform).

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