Production-music startup Soundstripe raises $2m


It feels like a matter of months since we were writing about Nashville production-music startup Soundstripe raising a $4m funding round… mainly because it IS just a matter of months. That round in May 2019 is now being followed by another $2m of investment, from Craft Ventures. That’s a good score for Soundstripe: the VC firm is run by David Sacks, formerly of PayPal and Yammer, and thus Silicon Valley investment-royalty.

Soundstripe’s focus remains offering its library of production music to all levels of video creators, including YouTubers and other online-video stars. It has been going since 2016, and uses a subscription model for creators to get ‘micro-licences’, charging $21 a month for its premium subscription, with a cheaper $11.25-a-month basic subscription (paid annually) also available.

“Our goals are as ambitious as our users’, and we look forward to welcoming more subscribers as we look to expand into the growing podcast segment and international markets,” said co-CEO Travis Terrell in a statement, with Soundstripe also planning to use its funding to explore music acquisitions and other partnerships.

Stuart Dredge

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