Boomplay has become one of the most prominent music-streaming services to have launched in Africa, and now it has announced a new figure for its growth. It now claims to have more than 53 million users, up from 42 million in April this year, when the company raised a $20m funding round. Boomplay also says that 80% of its catalogue is African music, which accounts for 75% of its streams.

These figures were revealed within an announcement about a new partnership for the streaming service, with music-marketing firm Linkfire. It’s a deal that will see Boomplay providing Linkfire (and thus its clients in the music industry) with actual ‘conversion data’ when people click or tap through from an artist’s smart-link to play music on Boomplay. So, not just how many clicked, but what they actually did on the streaming service after that point. It’s a similar deal to that signed between Linkfire and Pandora in March 2018, although the phrase used then was ‘advanced attribution data’.

Linkfire and Boomplay announced their partnership at the Music Imbizo conference in South Africa yesterday. “We will provide Africa’s developing artists and their teams with the most correct and complete data they need to bring their music to their fans most efficiently and profitably,” said Linkfire CEO Lars Ettrup.

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