Spotify creates a ‘Viisualiizer’ for the new Bon Iver album


Fans of words with too many i’s in will be pleased about the latest artist-marketing partnership with Spotify. It’s for Bon Iver’s latest album ‘i,i’, which came out earlier this month.

Spotify has worked with the band to create a ‘Viisualiizer’ that shows how the album is being streamed around the world, with ASCII art (lots of i’s) as well as stats. For example, at the time Music Ally logged in to check it out, 1.9 million people had streamed the album, for a collective stream-count of 64.5m streams and 3.5m hours of listening time.

There’s a suitably gnomic comment from Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon on all this in the announcement, too. “Even though distilling my mind and heading to the cabin 12 years ago was vital, SHARING is the thing now. Sharing and building things without holding on to the concept of authorship is the way. Our music is not ‘my’ music. In fact it never is, for anyone, and that is what i,i represents and how we worked to craft the ‘Viisualiizer’ experience with Spotify”. So now you know.

Written by: Stuart Dredge