Spotify commissioned an Instagram AR effect for artist Headie One


British artist Headie One is the latest musician to experiment with an augmented-reality (AR) camera effect in a social app – in his case, Instagram. It’s based on the artwork from his new mixtape ‘Music x Road’: a reflective mask and chest-tattoo that fans can superimpose on themselves for the purpose of Insta amusement.

What’s interesting is the story behind the launch of the effect (which you can try here by tapping through on a mobile device). It was actually commissioned for Headie One by Spotify. The streaming firm’s UK division enlisted the services of marketing agency Byte to make the effect, using Facebook’s recently-opened-up Spark AR for Instagram tool.

A track from the album plays in the background when people use the effect to shoot a video. This isn’t just branding for Headie One though: Spotify’s logo appears prominently (slap bang in the middle of the chest tat).

It’s part of a wider flurry of experimentation going on around music and AR on Instagram: see also Mark Ronson’s recent interactive video, as well as what The 1975 are doing around their latest track ‘People’.

Stuart Dredge

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