Back in May 2018, Music Ally spotted a new startup called OptimiseLab, which was building “AI technology to analyse, improve, and compose music”. Initially, it was focusing on the first of those: a tool that “accurately predicts music popularity scores and provides customised advice on song improvement”. 15 months on, and OptimiseLab has just rebranded to Resonoo, and it’s officially launching today.

The basic idea remains the same: “an AI system that accurately evaluates the potential of unpublished songs”, which Resonoo is hoping will be used by labels to identify the most promising songs when deciding where to put their promotional efforts, as well as to spot artists with potential. “The system is trained on songs date back to when music was first digitally recorded, analysing trends and music elements to accurately predict the potential of songs,” runs the company’s announcement pitch, which claims the system “achieves a 90% accuracy predicting potential of songs across five genres” (including 97% for electronic music). Big claims, but some major labels are testing the invitation-only system already to put it through its paces.

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