This isn’t an official stat from Spotify: instead it’s an estimate from research company Multiscope, which has been tracking Spotify’s (and music-streaming’s) growth in the Netherlands. It claims that Spotify now has “nearly three million paying users” there, up 33% since 2017. It also suggests that the company is generating €350m ($384.7m) a year in the Netherlands. If true – the estimates are based on a survey of 3,600 Dutch people – this would suggest that the Netherlands accounts for around 2.8% of Spotify’s global subscribers.

The survey also yielded some market-share figures. It claims that 39% of Dutch people are using Spotify for music-streaming, which is a dead heat with YouTube (also 39%). We’re not sure what to make of Multiscope’s claim that ‘iTunes’ has a 7% share of the market though: does that include Apple Music or not?

The report also offers some figures on share of listening time (as opposed to listeners), claiming that Spotify accounts for 56% of total time spent streaming music, ahead of YouTube’s 27%.

The company also struck a cautionary note though, suggesting that “the market for music services now seems saturated and the growth of new users is levelling off” – this, mainly based on only 7% of Dutch people without Spotify saying they’re interested in using it in the future – a figure that stands at 4% and 3% for YouTube and Apple Music. Do official figures bear that out? According to the IFPI, streaming revenues in the Netherlands grew by 14.7% to $151.8m in 2018 – compared to growth of 32.1% in 2017 and 39.9% the year before that.

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