The idea of adaptive-music apps, where music adapts in real-time to what you’re doing, has been around for a long time – from the heyday of British startup RjDj to 2019’s LifeScore. Now there’s another startup exploring the potential: Moscow-based Fluent, which has launched its “immersive music” app for iPhone. Its pitch: “Spotify plays static files. AI generates bland, soulless sound. Say hi to immersive music.”

It claims that its app can “personalise each track on the go, making it suit the context” – particularly when listeners are moving around, although smart speakers and cars are also on the company’s agenda. Weather and time of day are among the other signals used by the app to adapt its music.

Creating music that works with the app does involve some effort on the part of artists: Fluent is inviting them to read its brief and then create and upload some alternative stems for one of their own tracks, to test how it sounds. The artists page outlines the different conditions for tracks: idle, slow and fast for movement; morning, day or night for time; and sunny, cloudy or rain for weather.

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