Musiio reveals its first commercial client: Audio Network


We’ve written a few times about music/tech startup Musiio this year: the company uses artificial-intelligence (AI) technology to analyse catalogues of music, for purposes including search, metadata-tagging and playlisting. Now the company has announced its first commercial client: Audio Network, the production-music firm acquired by Entertainment One earlier this year (with eOne now in the process of being acquired by Hasbro).

Audio Network will be using Musiio’s technology for the first of those applications mentioned above: “an added interface to their existing search platform, to make their catalogue of over 170,000 tracks even more discoverable” according to the announcement. The theory being that it will speed up customers’ ability to pinpoint tracks they can use from Audio Network’s catalogue.

“Many AI tools for music are clever technology hacks in search of an actual problem to solve, but our partnership with Musiio for extending music search and recommendations is about solving real problems for our customers,” said Audio Network’s chief product officer Matthew Hawn.

Written by: Stuart Dredge