Startup studio Betaworks launches camp for ‘the future of audio’


Betaworks isn’t an ‘accelerator’ as such: it styles itself as a ’startup studio’ – meaning that besides running accelerators, it also builds new things in-house, and invests in external startups.

GIF search-engine Giphy and mobile game Dots are two of its hits so far. Now it’s focusing on audio with its latest startup ‘camp’ program, Audiocamp, building on its past (early) investments in podcasting startups Anchor and Gimlet. “Through this thematic investment and residency program, Betaworks Ventures will invest in and mentor start-ups building on top of the latest advancements in NLP, or inventing new mobile, voice-enabled experiences and utilities, or engaging audiences in new ways of finding and supporting their next favorite audio programming, or developing new social listening experiences for all types of audio,” announced the company. Synthetic or generative music, smart-speaker apps and audio AR are among the areas it’s keen to explore as part of the program.

Stuart Dredge

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