Sony unveils new Walkman complete with MQA hi-res support


Search for ‘Walkman’ on Google, and the ‘people also ask’ boxout reveals that common searches include ‘When was the Walkman discontinued?’ and ‘Do they still make Walkmans?’.

The answer to the latter being ‘yes’ – a new one was unveiled yesterday by Sony. The Walkman NW-ZX507 (Sony’s consumer electronics division continues to have an… interesting approach to memorable product names) is an Android-based digital music player with a touchscreen, capable of playing music downloads but also streaming via installed apps.

Hi-res tech firm MQA is also involved – as it has been with Walkmans since 2017 – so people will be able to stream MQA-quality music via services like Tidal, Xiami Music and on the new device.

Stuart Dredge

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