UK’s CMA suspends plans for court action against Viagogo


British regulator the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has been harrying secondary-ticketing firm Viagogo for some time now over how it presents tickets to its customers.

In July, the CMA announced plans to move forward with legal proceedings against Viagogo for contempt of court, claiming that it had failed to comply with a court order mandating changes.

Two months on, though, and that court action has been suspended. “Following continued pressure, Viagogo has now addressed the CMA’s outstanding concerns about how it presents important information to its customers,” announced the regulator yesterday. CMA boss Andrea Coscelli elaborated.

“The Viagogo website UK customers now visit is worlds apart from the one they faced before the CMA took action. Key information needed to make informed decisions before buying a ticket is now much clearer including on where you’ll sit in a venue and whether you might be turned away at the door.”

However, the CMA is promising to “keep up the pressure” on the company to ensure it doesn’t flout UK consumer-protection laws in the future.

Stuart Dredge

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