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Artist Lucy Dacus is stepping out of the traditional album-release cycle in 2019, choosing instead to release a series of tracks tied to public holidays and other notable dates.

She covered ‘La Vie En Rose’ for Valentine’s Day; released ‘My Mother & I’ for Mother’s Day; and then a track called ‘Forever Half Mast’ for Independence Day.

In a blog post outlining her strategy, Spotify noted that Dacus will release more tracks for Halloween, Christmas and (although this isn’t a public holiday… yet) Bruce Springsteen’s birthday. At the end of the year, the tracks will be compiled as a physical EP.

“In practice, I’ve been really happy to make music really slowly. People talk about slow food — it has made me feel like I’m making slow music. It feels low-stakes, but is still really meaningful,” said Dacus. “It feels like because I have full control over the concept of how it’s being released, I feel more freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.”

However, she’s not leaving the idea of albums behind entirely: “We’re probably going to start making a record pretty soon. I have a bunch of songs…”

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