There are some interesting signals coming out of the All That Matters conference about what Tencent Music might be up to next. AI-music being one of them. Billboard reports on comments made by CEO Cussion Pang about how Tencent Music has staff that are “thinking of using AI to create the music… this is really a sensitive topic, whether AI or robot or machine learning is going to replace humans in the future… It will improve the efficiencies. We are pouring in a lot of resources to make sure we are in the front end of using technology to improve the music industry.” Talk of AI-generated music improving the ‘efficiencies’ is guaranteed to raise a rumpus among many musicians and songwriters, but it seems Tencent is thinking more about a crossover between music and its games business: for example, by creating “virtual idols” – virtual characters with original (AI-generated?) music. In separate news, CNBC has a report on one area where Tencent Music doesn’t have plans for now: an international rollout for its WeSing karaoke app. Although it’s available in several south-east Asian countries as well as China, group VP Dennis Hau told CNBC that Tencent wants to concentrate on building WeSing in those markets – the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia – before looking further afield.

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