YouTube’s ‘Discover Mix’ playlist is rolling out globally


Weekly, algo-personalised playlists have become a common feature of the music-streaming landscape, from Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ and ‘Release Radar’ to Apple’s ‘New Music Mix’, ‘Favourites Mix’ and ‘Chill Mix’ and so on. YouTube Music is at it too: its ‘New Release Mix’ already filled the ‘Release Radar’ slot for its listeners, and now there’s a ‘Discover Mix’ too, to plug the ‘Discover Weekly’ gap. News site 9 to 5 Google reported that the new playlist is rolling out globally, housed within a ‘shelf’ on YouTube Music called ‘Mixed for You’. In the example shown in the story, 49 tracks were available, with the promise that the playlist will help listeners “Discover great music, picked just for you”. It’s updated once a week, on Wednesdays. The new playlist was actually announced very quietly earlier this month: so quietly that it was easy to miss it (like we did!) buried in a press release announcing YouTube Music’s launch in seven countries in the Middle East. “There’s a dedicated playlist called the ‘Discover Mix’ designed to show you new music you will like, and it will get better as you use your YouTube Music app more and more,” it explained.

Stuart Dredge

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