Color Quest AR is one of the apps exploring the potential for augmented-reality tech to be used for educational purposes: in this case, a colouring adventure packed with fruit and veg. The app, which is averaging 10k daily downloads, is the work of a startup called Stayhealthy, which also makes the Body Fact health app for adults. The reason it’s on Music Ally’s radar is its newest venture though: a record label. It’s called Stayhealthy Music, and is being pitched as a way to “connect music and entertainment with healthcare especially to address improving children’s health”. The team running the label are far from newcomers to the music industry, though: Stayhealthy’s CEO John Collins worked with artists including Pink Floyd and Randy Bachman in the past, while the label’s president Paul Ring is a Grammy-winning recording engineer turned label exec within Universal Music Group. “John and I had a vision that music and entertainment would get people more involved in taking control of their own health,” says Ring. The label’s first single will be released on 11 October, through a global distribution deal with UMG.

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