Streamlytics helps people own (and sell) their streaming data


Startup Streamlytics is selling data on how people are using music and video-streaming services, but there’s a twist: it’s bringing those people into the business model.

Currently in private beta, it uses apps to track what people are watching and listening to on their smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other devices. However, as the company explains: “This information is transformed into a data license, where users own their media consumption habits and are compensated for it.” That licence is what Streamlytics uses to package up this media-consumption data (while stripping out people’s personal information) to sell to clients. “Users always have the ability to download all of their data from our service and use it as they please,” it adds.

We came across the company with its announcement yesterday that actor and producer Issa Rae (of ‘Insecure’ and ‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’ fame) has invested in Streamlytics. “Her pioneering work as both a creator and as a businesswoman creating digital-first content that has transcended the Internet-only medium aligns seamlessly with our company’s core values on ownership,” said CEO Angela Benton.

Stuart Dredge

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