Maroon 5 team up with Apple for iOS photos-app promotion


Apple’s new iOS software (iOS 13) launched earlier this month, and one of its features suddenly has an interesting music angle. The feature is called ‘Memories’ – it actually launched three years ago, but was updated within iOS 13 – and automatically edits together photos and videos for particular events in someone’s camera roll.

Now Apple has revealed a partnership with Maroon 5 to suggest their track – also called ‘Memories’ – as the soundtrack for these videos. The band have even made their own, er, ‘Memories’ Memories video to show off the feature and music integration. It’s a big promotion for a track that was released on 20 September, and is a sign of the kinds of co-marketing opportunities with Apple that go well beyond the days when getting a sync in an iPod / iTunes commercial was the height of many artists’ ambitions.

Stuart Dredge

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