Hot on the heels of the RIAA’s mid-year figures (not to mention the IFPI’s Music Listening 2019 report) research firm MusicWatch is preparing for the release of its latest report on US music-listening habits.

Billboard got first dibs on the data, including the headline claim that 77% of the US internet-using population (of over-13s) are now streaming music – 183 million people. Of those, 125 million are using paid subscription services, although only 68 million of them are actually paying for the subscription. That’s a stat worth thinking about, amid the ongoing debate around the value of family subscription plans.

MusicWatch has also been measuring weekly music listening by DSP, suggesting that YouTube accounts for 30% of it, ahead of Spotify (24%) and Pandora (17%) with Apple and Amazon on 6% apiece. That may sound low, but bear in mind this is free and paid streaming combined.

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