TikTok launches a #CNSchallenge for BTS member J-Hope


What was that we were writing yesterday in our report on BTS joining TikTok? “We can expect BTS’ profile to be the ideal springboard for a hashtag challenge in the near future.” The very near future, as it turned out.

Today, TikTok has launched a #CNSchallenge in more than 40 countries. CNS stands for ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’, and it ties in with the release of BTS member J-Hope’s new track of that name, which features Becky G.

The challenge is encouraging fans to dance to the song’s chorus and share their videos using the hashtag, with the promise that J-Hope and his fellow BTS members will be sharing theirs too.

This is the first BTS challenge since they joined TikTok, but it’s their second collaboration with the platform, following last year’s ‘IDOL Challenge’. It’s literally just kicking off (the bulletin is slightly late because the announcement arrived as we were about to send it out) but you’ll be able to follow videos here.

Stuart Dredge

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