30% of the Beatles’ Spotify streams are from 18-24 year-olds


Happy 50th birthday to the Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ album: we’ve been enjoying the ‘updated artwork’ meme from earlier this year getting plenty of re-shares.

Streaming services have been celebrating the anniversary too, with Spotify putting out some stats on the Beatles more generally. The band’s music has been streamed nearly 1.7bn times on Spotify in 2019 alone, with the company stressing that “18-24 is the top demographic for streaming Beatles music, accounting for more than 30% of all Beatles streams globally since January 1st… this age group is about two generations behind the Beatles main audience when the band was at the height of its success.”

Not mentioned in the press release, perhaps understandably, is that the Beatles are currently the 93rd most popular artist on Spotify, with 20.6 million monthly listeners – around 8.9% of Spotify’s global user-base at the end of June.

Deezer also put out some demographic-related stats for the ‘Abbey Road’ anniversary: on that service, 27% of the Beatles’ streams are from under-25 year-olds, while 68% are from under-45s (including the first group). Deezer added that 76% of its Beatles listeners are men.

Written by: Stuart Dredge